The best apps to download music on Android

If you’re not keen on listening to music online, download your favorite songs to your phone in MP3 format and listen to them offline thanks to this selection of apps to download music on Android

YT3 Music Downloader 4.9.96 English

Application to download videos and music from YouTube

Fildo 4.9.7 English
Fildo 4.9.7

App to download and stream MP3 music

TinyTunes 1.17.1 English
TinyTunes 1.17.1

The app to download free music for Android in MP3 format

TREBEL 6.2.0 English
TREBEL 6.2.0

Legal app to download music for free

GTunes Music V8 4.38 English
GTunes Music V8 4.38

An app to download music in MP3

Freezer 0.6.14 English
Freezer 0.6.14

Download free Deezer music

AIDS 1.058 English
AIDS 1.058

Download all of Deezer's music

YTmp3 1.0.4 English
YTmp3 1.0.4

Download music and videos from different portals

DeezLoader 2.6.5 English
DeezLoader 2.6.5

Download music on Deezer

MP3 Music Download Pro 1.0 English

Search for and download songs in MP3

OKmusi 4.2.2 English
OKmusi 4.2.2

Download music and videos from different websites

AnyMusic 4.2.5 English
AnyMusic 4.2.5

Download music and videos with your mobile phone

SpotiFlyer 3.6.1 English
SpotiFlyer 3.6.1

Download songs from major music services

RYT 4.9.97 English
RYT 4.9.97

App for downloading and playing music

Tubidy 1.3.9 English
Tubidy 1.3.9

Download songs from the Internet

Boomplay 7.1.82 English
Boomplay 7.1.82

Listen and download music for free

Music Download Paradise 1.3 English

Download music from Internet in MP3 format

Simple MP3 Downloader 1.6.7 English

The easiest-to-use app to download music in MP3

Free Music Download 1.10 English

Download MP3 files to your phone's SD

MP3 Music Download 1.4.4 English

Download music to your Android device

Ares Online 2.3 English

App for downloading free MP3 music from the Internet

Music MP3 Download Free CopyLeft 2.3.7 English

Music free to be downloaded

MusicPleer 1.0 English

Free music in MP3 format

Tubdy Music Mp3 1.0.9 English

Application to listen and download MP3s

DownloadAnySong 11.0 English

Download your favorite songs in MP3 format

Play Music Exporter English

Download music from Google Play Music

Mp3 Music Downloader English

Listen to music and download copyleft tracks

Music Maniac 3.0.0 English

Application to download music in MP3 to your Android

Pep! MP3 Downloader 2.0.0 English

Download MP3 songs to your Android

Easy Mp3 Downloader 3.2 English

Download MP3s to your Android

Music Mate 2.1.53 English
Music Mate 2.1.53

Download songs from Google Play Music

DownCloud 1.0 Reborn English
DownCloud 1.0 Reborn

Download all the music on SoundCloud

Dame Mp3 9.4 English

Listen to and download songs to your Android

AUP Download free browser 102 English

Download music free from the Internet

AReGo Mp3 Downloader 1.82 English

App to download music in MP3

Music Download Tube Pro 1.5.5 English

Download the audio of YouTube videos

Invenio Music 10.3.1 English

The new version of Invenio Carmen

Jam Music 1.0.4 English
Jam Music 1.0.4

Listen to music and download your favorite songs

MP3 Download Lite 1.22 English

Download music in MP3

MonkingMe 5.25.1 English
MonkingMe 5.25.1

Discover and download music legally

Mobidy Music 1.6 English

Download videos and music on your Android

Mp3 Tube 1.21 English
Mp3 Tube 1.21

Download the audio of the videos from the most popular webs

Music Explorer 1.1.4 English

Discover new music on your Android

Insta MP3 1.0 English

Free client to download songs